NFL News : Eddie Lacy considering haircut after being tackled by his hair.

Eddie Lacy considering haircut after being tackled by his hair.


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Any NFL player sporting dreadlocks is at risk for injury, something Eddie Lacy experienced recently.

The Green Bay Packers' running back was on the receiving end of a nasty tackle during the first quarter of Green Bay's 21-10 win over San Francisco on Friday. After breaking away on an outside run play, Lacy was yanked down by his hair after gaining 21-yards.

He is now considering cutting off his hair to avoid potential injuries.

"It definitely hurts," Lacy told the Green Bay Press Gazette after the game. "The first thought in my mind was a word I can't really say."

Tackling an opposing player by their hair is permitted under the the NFL's rules and is about as dangerous as a horse-collar tackle, which are illegal. Lacy is seriously considering changing his 'do' to avoid serious injuries in the future.

"I'm debating after that," Lacy said. "I don't know how many more of those I'd like to experience. We're in camp. So I've got to wait until I get out of camp, and then I'll assess it."

"For my legs. They're important," Lacy said. "Because that's how most guys hurt their knees, because you get pulled from the back. Which is why the horse collar rule thing (exists). So luckily that didn't happen."

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