NFL News : Eddie Lacy is in 'remarkable' shape for the 2016 season.

Eddie Lacy is in 'remarkable' shape for the 2016 season.


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Eddie Lacy is proving his dedication to the Green Bay Packers.

Training with P90X founder Tony Horton has reportedly done wonders for Green Bay Packers running back.

During an appearance on NFL Network's "NFL HQ" on Tuesday, NFL Media's Albert Breer said Lacy has made "remarkable" progress this offseason in terms of redistributing his weight.

"Speaking to people around Lacy, the work that he's done over the course of the last few months with P90X founder Tony Horton, it's been remarkable the shape he's gotten himself into," Breer said, according to Will Brinson of CBS Sports. "It doesn't mean a lot of weight loss, but he has been able to redistribute a lot of the weight from his midsection into his shoulders and his arms.

"I know the people around Eddie Lacy really feel like the Packers are going to be happy with what they see when Lacy reports for the offseason program next week."

Breer cautioned that Lacy's camp has been known to embellish his fitness level, but recent photographic evidence suggests the running back is on the slimmer side.

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