NFL News : ESPN reporter: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick could retire tonight

ESPN reporter: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick could retire tonight

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ESPN reporter Diana Russini is suggesting that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick could retire after tonight's Super Bowl LII. 

To put it mildly, the report seems highly improbable, especially given how vocal Brady has been about playing several more years. 

As Russini put it, “many in the league have been hearing” that Super Bowl LII “could possibly be both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s final games. Both could be hanging it up.”

Russini added that “Post game could be incredible tonight if this becomes truth,” suggesting that both men could actually announce their retirements tonight.

As NBC Sports wrote, "That seems extraordinarily unlikely. Despite a previous ESPN report indicating that friction between Belichick and Brady had grown palpable in the locker room during the regular season, both Belichick and Brady have said they’re on the same page, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft has said he thinks he has the best coach in NFL history and the best quarterback in NFL history and doesn’t want either of them to go anywhere."

"In fact, the idea that Brady and Belichick could leave after tonight’s game doesn’t even make sense within the context of that previous ESPN report. According to that report, much of the friction in New England was based on a desire for Belichick to hold onto Jimmy Garoppolo, and a desire for Brady to stick around for many years without Garoppolo looking over his shoulder. But if Brady and Belichick were going to leave, why would either of them feel that way? If this were Brady’s last season, he’d have no reason to worry about Garoppolo being around in the years ahead. And if this were Belichick’s last season, he’d have no reason to care if the Patriots hold onto Garoppolo."

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency