NFL News : Cowboys must take this drastic measure to keep Zeke in line

Cowboys must take this drastic measure to keep Zeke in line

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The Dallas Cowboys will have to take star running back Ezekiel Elliott off the field this year to prove a point to the young man.

That's what former NFL head coach and current ESPN analyst Herm Edwards recently had to say. 

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"It reminds me of people that come to the light and it's about to turn from green to yellow. Rather than to slow down a stop, he runs right through it and the problem is he's going to hit a red light sooner than later," said Edwards. 

"I think you have to make him understand that he has to be uncomfortable now. And it comes time where you say, you know what? Enough is a enough as an organization. 

And if you're a head coach, and I've been put in this situation, you gotta make a decision. Do you want this guy to hit the red light? And if that happens, shame on you as a coach. And I think the only decision you can make is this: you gotta take him off the field. You gotta save him from himself. Because he is putting himself in situations that is, first of all, a bad image for the National Football League...

"You can go out. And there's a point when we all go out, when you understand where the volume is, you have to remove yourself from the situation. He hasn't done that yet. When situations arise, he's always kind of right there," added Edwards.

Elliott is now dealing with an potential incident that happened at a bar, a speeding misdemeanor and even a reported domestic violence case. The young star is juggling so much public criticism that it wouldn't be surprising to see Cowboys owner Jerry Jones take some form of protective measure. 

Or Jones simply won't.

Elliott rushed for a league-high 1,631 yards and placed third in touchdowns with 15. 

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency