NFL News : Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Rome team up for an exciting new project.
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Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Rome team up for an exciting new project.

Romo and Elliott team up.

Published on by Jonathan Larivee in NFL News
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Two of the most beloved players from modern Dallas Cowboys history are teaming up for a very exciting new project.

According to a breaking news report from Dallas Cowboys insider Clarence Hill of the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliottehas joined forces with former Dallas Cowboys superstar Tony Romo. As a result he now has an ownership stake in the National Fantasy Football Convention, an event that is considered the premier event in the entire fantasy football world, a one that it appears Elliotte will be heavily involved in.

The convention brings together some of the biggest names in professional football, over 200 personalities and players combined, for a one of kind event that for several seasons now has used former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo as the face of their mega event each and every year. It seems however that Romo, one of the owners of this massive project, felt that a new face was needed for the convention and as a result he brought Elliott into the fold.

Elliott will now be the face of the convention as well as it's starring attraction and it makes a great deal of sense given his high profile status in the National Football League as well as the now relative obscurity that Romo finds himself him given the fact that he is no longer the Cowboys' number one quarterback. Executive director Andy Alberth says it's almost something close to Comic-Con except that it caters to hardcore football fans.

“It’s more than doubled from where it was last year,” Alberth said. “The players are excited. The fans are excited. It’s Disneyland for fans of all ages. You can buy a ticket to a football game, leave and never meet a player. Here you can do so much more. You can reach out and touch players. There is no better way for fans to interact and engage with their favorite players.”

Romo, who has been the main attradtion at recent ocnventions won't even be at the even this time around, clearly confident that Elliott will be able to fill his shoes admiraly. Hill reports that Romo will instead be playing golf on Lake Tahoe that week-end.

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Photo Credit: Matthew Pearce/Icon SMI/Zuma