NFL News : Ezekiel Elliott one of “several” Cowboys to test positive for COVID-19.

Ezekiel Elliott one of “several” Cowboys to test positive for COVID-19.

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The Dallas Cowboys have reportedly been hit pretty hard by the recent outbreak of the novel Coronavirus known simply as COVID-19. According to a breaking news report from National Football LEague insider Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, "several" members of both the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans have tested positive for the virus already, something that will no doubt present both teams with quite the challenge when it comes time to kick off the upcoming NFL season.

There is a silver lining here however, all of the players that have tested positive have been kept away from team facilities as a result of these tests and both the teams and the players in question have been following the league's guidelines and proper health protocols. This means that, although there has been an outbreak among some of the players, the team facilities have been spared the risk of spreading the infection to an even larger number of people at least for now.

Although medical records are confidential and thus far NFL teams have shied far away from reporting the names of any players who have tested positive, it sounds like Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is perfectly fine with outing himself. Although Elliott did not come right out and speak publicly on the matter, the very same Ian Rapoport reports that he has since been contacted by Elliott's agent and has been informed that the Cowboys star was one of the several players to have contracted the virus. Now before all of you Cowboys fans get into a panic there is once again a silver lining here, this time it comes due to the fact that Elliott sounds like he is perfectly fine.

"Cowboys star RB Ezekiel Elliott is one of the players who has tested positive for the Coronavirus, his agent Rocky Arceneaux confirmed to me," wrote Rapoport on Monday. "Arceneaux said Elliott is feeling good."

We have heard some reports that COVID-19 can cause lasting damage even in those who have appeared to be asymptomatic, but we know so little about this virus that it seems too early to rush to panic in this situation. Elliott is in incredible physical condition and is a relatively young man, we are confident and we hope that he and his teammates will make a full recovery.

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