NFL News : Update: Ezekiel Elliott reportedly met with Roger Goodell

Update: Ezekiel Elliott reportedly met with Roger Goodell

Has Roger Goodell lied to us all?

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Everyday brings new information into Ezekiel Ellliott's pending investigation. 

Last week, Dom Cosentino of had reported that :  “Goodell [had] distanced himself so much from this case that he hasn’t even been present for any of the disciplinary hearings involving Elliott.”

Today, NBC Sports' Michele Tafoya reports that : "NFL investigators, Goodell, and a four-person independent panel participated in the hearing. The four-person panel will make a recommendation to Goodell, who eventually will decide whether to suspend Elliott."

The most important thing that arises from Tafoya's report is that the league now regards the case as being, quote: "complicated". What also seems to be astonishing is that Goodell was even present at this meeting. 

We had reported last week that Goodell would be waiting on the opinions of the expert advisers before taking any decision in regards to the Elliott case.  

His presence at the hearing, despite the earlier reports stating he was distancing himself from the whole situation, seems to suggest that the Commissioner may base his decision on his own perception of the case. 

Ezekiel Elliott has been the subject of a year-long investigation by the NFL regarding various incidents, including domestic violence accusations. The 22 year-old has always denied the accusations, and has been looking forward to competing in his second NFL season.

As per NBC Sports, a decision will most likely be reached prior to Week One of the NFL season. This would allow Ezekiel to use his right to appeal in case of any suspensions.


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Source: NBC Sports · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency