NFL News : Favre return to Green Bay could turn ugly for Aaron Rodgers

Favre return to Green Bay could turn ugly for Aaron Rodgers

Ex-teammates say Rodgers would take exception

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Brett Favre's proclamation that he wants to return to the NFL as a coach or GM had many-a-fan excited last week. 

What if the ol' gunslinger has his heart set on returning to the city that made him a champion? Could Favre come back to Green Bay?

According to ESPN NFL analyst Will Cain, there's too much bad blood between the Packers legend and the current Packers star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

"I think it would be ugly. I think the only way Brett Favre should set foot within the realm of Lambeau is if he buys a ticket or he gets a VIP pass for a game," said Cain.

Cain argued that, based on history, Favre and Rodgers' personalities would clash in such a scenerio. Previously it had been reported on multiple occasions that Favre and Rodgers didn't get along while they were teammates for three seasons from 2005-2007. 

Sure, one can argue that two rational humans should be able to get along, said Cain. "But these are individuals with histories. With feelings. And it is not good. It is not a good relationship, at least it wasn't in the past. And if you think now that their jobs have moved on, all of that washes under the bridge..."

"I'm an evidence guy," said Cain. "You have zero evidence to suggest anything but Aaron Rodgers is sensitive. Aaron Rodgers, we have heard from multiple ex-teammates that he has trouble with his teammates. And now you're going to take his most contentious teammate in the history of his career and put him back in the building as a shot-caller? Please!"

However, former NFL offensive lineman Damien Woody argued "Why would Aaron Rodgers feel threatened by Brett Favre? It's not like Brett Favre is going to come down onto the field and start slinging the rock around?"

"The point is, sensitive people are not rational," replied Cain. 

Favre told reporters that he would entertain the idea of coaching again, particularly after his enjoyable two-year stint as a high school coach:

"I would say, I'd never say never. I believe that would be a dream job, working as a coach there or in some form of administration. I don't know, and I don't want to create a stir [by talking about it], because who knows? But I would say, 'Never say never.'


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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency