NFL News : Five takeaways from Packers mini-camp

Five takeaways from Packers mini-camp

​Head coach Mike McCarthy held a press conference after the team wrapped up their minicamp today. Here are the five things to take away as the team goes on break before training camp begins.

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Head coach Mike McCarthy held a press conference after the team wrapped up their minicamp today.

Besides ending things with an…unconventional…drill, McCarthy detailed these 5 things as the biggest takeaways from the early offseason.

1. Stay committed

McCarthy praised the commitment and sacrifice his players have made to get this far, rookies and veterans alike. He was keen to stress that staying committed through the summer break leading into training camp is absolutely vital to both their individual success as players and to the team as a whole.

2. The roster is fit

McCarthy’s exact words were, “Our athletic ability is high.” He commented that the team’s strength and conditioning coaches were impressed with everyone, from the smallest to the biggest players. That’s no excuse for the players to take it easy over their summer break however, as McCarthy confirmed that training camp will be a brutal test for anyone who takes it easy over the next few weeks.

3. The young guys are working hard

“Better than most years” is how McCarthy evaluated his new and young players adjusting to a new team and a new level of play. He and the rest of the coaching staff were impressed with the work ethic of their young guys and their willingness to overcome whatever challenges they face.

4. The team is healthy

While McCarthy declined to go into any details about injuries, he did say that the team is healthier than usual heading into training camp. What that means exactly is of course up for debate, but the main takeaway is that he’s not concerned about the health of anyone in particular, which is always a good sign in the NFL.

McCarthy did say that barring any major unexpected setbacks, defensive back Quinten Rollins would be fully recovered from his groin surgery before the season begins.

5. The roster is never set in stone

Although he was keen to stress that he’s been impressed with what he’s seen so far, McCarthy confirmed that the Packers’ roster is never set. He said there wasn’t any glaring holes or weaknesses that the coaches saw, but that doesn’t mean that nobody else will be added before the season starts. McCarthy called roster management an ongoing process that he was never really done with.

By now the Green Bay players and staff are already on break, but Cheeseheads everywhere have a lot to look forward to this season.

You can find McCarthy's full press conference here.

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