NFL News : Former All-Pro WR blasts Dez Bryant: 'He's like the Cheesecake Factory'

Former All-Pro WR blasts Dez Bryant: 'He's like the Cheesecake Factory'

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Former Super Bowl-winning wide receiver Reggie Wayne had harsh words for Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant this week. 

"What does he have that he can really rely on? It's kinda like looking at Cheesecake Factory's menu, it's a big variety of things. They're OK at everything, but they're great at nothing," said Wayne, according to the Dallas Morning News

But Wayne wasn't the only NFL mind who ripped Bryant's play this year. 

Former NFL QB, SBNation radio host Sean Salisbury: "Everyone will rip Dak and rightfully so, he's not above criticism and I'm a fan of his. But, good gracious Dez Bryant has become a #3 type receiver. So overrated and couldn't separate on a route if the defender was statue!"

Fan Rag NFL draft analyst Jon Ledyard: "Bryant just isn't the same elite-level player, and I'm not sure he ever will be again. Although he's still a solid wide receiver, Bryant doesn't physically overwhelm like he used to, and he's become more stiff and less fluid in his releases and routes as time has gone on. Injuries have taken a toll on Bryant's body, forcing him to miss six games in 2015 and three last year. He rarely gets behind defenses anymore, and he's currently outside the top 50 in yards after catch across the NFL.

This isn't to say that Bryant isn't still a good player, because he is. He's still capable of the things that once made him great, they just occur far less consistently than they once did. Thursday's game against the Chargers was a perfect example."

NFL analyst Ed Werder on "J Dub City" on KESN-FM 103.3: On why Dez Bryant is no longer putting up dominant numbers... "Well, I don't think since he's had the foot injuries and the surgeries that he's as explosive a player as he was early in his career.

Maybe Dak Prescott doesn't challenge the defense down the field in quite the same way that Tony Romo does, but I would also say - as I did before - that Dez can't create a lot of separation. Romo was more willing to trust the receiver and risk an interception than Dak is. If Dak doesn't see a guy as open, he doesn't force the ball generally.

And I would say, to summarize it, there have been a lot of situations where Dez Bryant just flat out dropped balls that he should catch."

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Source: Dallas News · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency