NFL News : Former Bronco fawns over Von Miller

Former Bronco fawns over Von Miller

From one sackmaster to another

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Elvis Dumervil was a Bronco when the team selected Von Miller with a very high draft pick a few years ago. Now, Dumervil, a member of the San Francisco 49ers, knows how good Miller is.

"I see now what I thought I would see then," Dumervil said. "When he first came in as a rookie, you saw it in practice and you'd be like, 'All right' -- and then you'd really look at him on film and you'd say, 'Oh, shoot, now this is for real.' On his first day he ran full speed and we all just kind of looked at each other. I just see everything in him right now -- good leader, Super Bowl MVP, Pro Bowl every year. Look at him, what else can you say? He's right where I thought he'd be."

Of course, the feelings are mutual and Miller had this to say about who helped him become a better player, 

"It's Elvis, no question," Miller said. "Before I met Elvis, I liked sacking the quarterback, getting in there, making things happen. Elvis is the guy who showed me first what it was going to take to do that in the National Football League. Elvis was the first guy to show me how to be a player in the National Football League, and what that is really about."

Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency