NFL News : Former NFLer accused of murdering his mother

Former NFLer accused of murdering his mother

A close uncle blames the NFL for the lack of support...

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Former NFL safety De'Von Hall, who played for the Indianapolis Colts and appeared on the practice squads of the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has been accused of murdering his mother after an argument quickly turned into a nightmare, back in April. 

The Los Angeles Times' Nathan Fenno published a long and disturbing feature story today about the 29-year-old's mental illness, which ultimately led him to kill his mother, Alecia Benson. He interviewed family members and former teammates, who all feared he would kill someone one day. However, they never expected it would be his mother.

"In recent years, Utah State teammates felt Hall would snap. They figured a random person would be the victim. But his mother? He didn’t love anyone more. The friends are scared by the thought of what might happen next.

“If he’s in jail with the regular population, he’s going to end up getting killed or killing someone else,” said Dionte Holloway, who played at Utah State with Hall. “De’von mentally is gone. That’s not the De’von I know, that’s not the De’von I went to school with, that’s not my friend, that’s somebody who was out of their mind.”

Tony Benson, Hall's close uncle, blames the NFL for this tragedy. He believes the league should have done more to protect and support Hall:

"The NFL, in my opinion, should’ve done a better job in making sure they took care of this kid."

According to Pro Football Talk, "Hall is being held on $1 million bail and is refusing to see visitors. Some of his family members think he is so lost to mental illness that he doesn’t even realize his mother is dead. His public defender argues that he is not competent to stand trial."

Source: Los Angeles Times · Photo Credit: Keystone Press