NFL News : Former NFLer convicted of animal cruelty, will serve jail sentence.

Former NFLer convicted of animal cruelty, will serve jail sentence.


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Seeing how it's National Puppy Day, it's only fitting that an NFL player, who neglected his dog to the point of death, should be sentenced to jail time for his actions.

Former Alabama standout and Ravens nose tackle Terrence Cody has been sentenced to nine months behind bars for charges of animal cruelty, reports the Baltimore Sun.

Cody was convicted in November multiple misdemeanors stemming from the death of his dog, Taz, along with two misdemeanor drug charges. Prosecutors allege the animal starved to death and that Cody and his girlfriend, Kourtney Kelley, were responsible.

Via CBS Baltimore:

According to court documents, Cody "intentionally tortured" the animal including failing to provide his dog Taz with proper space, food, drink, and veterinary care. Documents also state Cody inflicted suffering and pain on Taz -- ultimately, intentionally "cruelly killing" the dog.Cody's girlfriend, Kourtney J. Kelley, 28, was sentenced last month to 60 days on a 5-count conviction of neglecting Taz, The Sun reports.

The Ravens terminated Cody's contract in February 2015, and the 2010 second-round pick hasn't played in an NFL game since Dec. 7, 2014.

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