NFL News : Giants player's jersey collection is so impressive

Giants player's jersey collection is so impressive

He has a special message for Tom Brady

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New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall recently posted a few videos on his Instagram showing his impressive collection of signed NFL jerseys.

And when we say impressive we mean "really impressive." 

Marshall's sole objective is to get Tom Brady's jersey, the man who was recently voted the best player in the league by his peers. 

Via Sporting News, Marshall had this message for Brady:

"Tom, if you’re listening, in 2010, you said you were going to send me your jersey," Marshall said in a message to Brady sent through Sporting News. "I asked after the game, and I asked if you would give me your jersey. You said, ‘I will but I can’t give it to you now. I’ll have our guys send it.'

"I never received it. So Tom Brady, I need the jersey, brother."

"I think I may have started this whole jersey swap thing in the NFL, at this level," Marshall said. "Obviously guys have swapped jerseys in the past, but back in the day, I was going into games with that on my weekly schedule. Who I was going to swap jerseys with. Now it’s taken off and you see so many guys swapping jerseys."

Marshall spoke about some of the jerseys he's collected over the years, including Pro Bowlers and future Hall-of-Famers:

"To me it’s about quality and not the quantity," Marshall explained. "I wouldn’t say I have the most jerseys, but I think my lineup is a hall-of-fame lineup. I have great guys like Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson, Randy Moss, Adam Vinatieri, got some kickers in there, some linemen, Joe Thomas. Then I got some great teammates; Jason Taylor, Ricky Williams, Rod Smith … I can go on and on and on. So I got a little mix of everything. I also collect any UCF guys who made it to the league, I collect their jerseys."

Marshall might get his chance later on this summer: the Giants play the Patriots on August 31st. 


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Source: Sporting News · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency