NFL News : Giants Pro Bowler gets into heated fist-fight

Giants Pro Bowler gets into heated fist-fight

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Things at the New York Giants training camp in East Rutherford, New Jersey got tense on Sunday when defensive backs Janoris Jenkins and Eric Pinkins scrapped it out. 

The altercation happened when Pinkins reportedly finished ahead of the pack in a windsprint drill. Jenkins, the Giants' prized defensive signing from last offseason, took exception to it.

Pinkins was out ahead of Jenkins when the two had words, wrote the New York Post. Jenkins threw a punch at Pinkins, and the two had to be separated. It was the first show of temper at camp, coming on the third day of practice.

“You know how it is with family,’’ McAdoo said. “Sometimes you have some dustups. Some of the best dustups you’re ever in are with your family, so you learn from them and move on.’’

Asked if he had to say anything to the combatants, McAdoo said, “We know how to be a family.’’

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Source: New York Post · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency