NFL News : Giants WR: Dallas 'looks better' than New York

Giants WR: Dallas 'looks better' than New York

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A former Dallas Cowboys player and current New York Giant is saying that the Cowboys probably look better on paper than his team. 

Dwayne Harris, who caught 33 passes and three scores over four seasons in Dallas, said this to NFL Network:

"You know, I let people think what they want to think. They, on paper, they probably look better than us right now," Harris told the GMFB crew. "But we always match up good with them, so we'll see."

When asked if the G-Men own the Cowboys after last year's sweep, Harris played it safe: 

"For us, it's always going to be a close game for some reason. So I don't know. We just always seem to come out on top. It's always a great game. I love playing against Dallas, I got a lot of friends over there. Just going out to Jerry World and playing over there, man, it's always amazing. I just love it."

Once Harris signed with New York in 2015, he really excelled, catching career highs in passes (36) and touchdowns (4). 

No doubt, this seasons' matchups between these two squads could likely produce an NFC Championship contender. Their first clash? Week one baby, September 10 at Jerry World. 

Who's pumped up?

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