NFL News : Gronkowski reveals the real reason he signed with the Bucs.

Gronkowski reveals the real reason he signed with the Bucs.

Gronkowski reveals his motivations.

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When I first heard that superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski would be coming out of retirement to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I must admit I found myself quite surprised at the news. After giving it a little more thought however it made a lot more sense to me given that his former quarterback with the New England Patriots, National Football League superstar Tom Brady, had signed with the Buccaneers earlier during the offseason, setting the stage for a reunion between the two men. 

Just about everyone has made the assumption that Tom Brady was the primary motivating factor in Gronkowski coming out of retirement and signing with the Buccaneers but as it turns out Brady had relatively little to do with it. Gronkowski recently participated in an interview with daytime television host Ellen DeGeneres and it was during that interview that he shared his true motivations for moving to Tampa Bay and they may surprise you a little.

"You know, everyone keeps asking me ‘Did Tom get you to Tampa?' Well, of course it didn't hurt that Tom went to Tampa, you know, and the opportunity to go to Tampa was there too," admitted Gronkowski before adding "But you know, Tom was like the appetizer, and then there's a few other reasons. I love the weather"

It was then however that Gronkowski revealed his true motivations for moving, his mother. Gronkowski admitted to Ellen that the fact that he would be very close to his mom, something that would allow her to attend his games in person, was an opportunity he simply could not pass up.

"But the main course, the main reason why I came down to Tampa to play is because my mother live two hours away. She can get to all the games, all eight of our home games. Whenever I have days off, she's two hours down the street and I get to see her. So she's super excited."

In spite of his incredible endurance and toughness on the gridiron Gronkowski has always come off as a sweetheart during media availabilities so this decision seems to very much fit his character. I hope both him and his mother have a wonderful time with the whole experience.

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Photo Credit: Keystone Press