NFL News : Gronkowski's home burglarized while he was away for Super Bowl

Gronkowski's home burglarized while he was away for Super Bowl

A double whammy for the Patriots star!

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Just hours after returning from a heartbreaking loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, police were seen at the home of Rob Gronkowski for a reported burglary.

Foxborough Police Chief William Baker has revealed in an address to the media Tuesday morning that there is an investigation underway, and that the crime occurred while Gronk was playing in Minnesota. While it was not confirmed what was taken from the home, there are rumors that "multiple safes and possible guns were taken."

"I don't know if you ever been the victim of a break-in, but when you are robbed and there is an intrusion into your personal space, it's unpleasant whether you are Rob Gronkowski or Bill Baker," the chief said. "For him it's a double whammy coming off the loss."

"We've got an idea of what was stolen at this point," Baker told the Globe. "The burglars know what they took and we know what they took, and we are going to play that close to the vest while the investigation is going on."

Los Angeles Dodgers right-fielder Yasiel Puig went through a similar experience during last year's World Series. While he was playing in Game 7 at Dodger Stadium, authorities arrived to his Los Angeles home and found a smashed window and missing property. The Dodgers lost the World Series to the Houston Astros.


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Source: ABC News · Photo Credit: Zuma Press