NFL News : Gronkowski’s model girlfriend fires back at trolls who body shamed her!

Gronkowski’s model girlfriend fires back at trolls who body shamed her!

People are dumb! Go on and comfort the gorgeous girl!

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Swimsuit model Camille Kostek, who is currently dating NFL Tight End for the New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski, posted a recent picture of Instragram of her and her man. She is seen sporting a very revealing high-waisted neon green bikini.

Shockingly, she was targeted by cruel trolls who body shamed her in the comments section on Instagram. 

Some of the trolls called her “gross”, whereas one said she needed to “cover up”, while another even said, “you have the largest hip bones I have ever seen.” “She needs the gym and a good doctor,” another troll wrote.

Are you serious?! 

Kostek took to her stories this week to call out the body shamers and remind everyone not to let other people’s opinions get you down.

“I can’t begin to explain how many rude comments I got after I posted this photo about my body,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram stories. “But for the women who I was able to help love who they are more from it, I post without hesitation for myself and for YOU.”

Kostek admitted that she first struggled with the comments, even posting a video of herself visibly upset and crying, which she later decided to share as well.

“I was having a weak moment and allowed some of the comments to get to me that night. I was very emotional,” she said in the other video.

“I am human and I always say, if you have to cry to let it out. Let that bad bacteria out, let the bad toxins come out of your body, have your moment.”

She reminded her followers that people on the internet feel so strong behind a keyboard and to ignore what is being said about you on the internet.  

“These people are s***. They’re so small-minded. I’m just coming on here and sharing my experience from one time, because we are our own biggest critics,” she said. “We know what makes us happy about our bodies and what upsets us. And we do not need to value the opinions of others, at all.”

Since she has called out the body shapers, she has been applauded and kinder people have giving her strong support and nice comments on his Instragram. 

“People who have to body shame are just unhappy with them selves or lives,” one person commented.
“So confused about anyone commenting negatively on this photo,” another wrote.
“You are beautiful just the way you are. Ignore all the haters,” another supporter wrote.


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