NFL News : High potential WR visited the contending team today.

High potential WR visited the contending team today.

He had his shortfalls but he may be ready now.

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It may sound obvious, but having a long and successful career in the NFL is far from being easy. Just reaching the big show in itself is an amazing achievement, but staying there and performing at the highest level each game is a whole different challenge. Some players make it look so easy, but in reality a lot of guys simply never reach their true potential and fall in anonymity far too early. 

Kenbrell Thompkins is exactly that type of guy. He dropped by the Jets HQ today and sources say there might be a mutual interesting agreement to be reached. 

Thompkins played 3 years in the NFL for the Jets, the Patriots and the Raiders. After being cut out of the Jets in 2015, he took a year away from the game and reportedly worked hard. He would be ready to make a come back and help a team win. 

Thing is, the 28 years old is no rookie anymore. He had an interesting 14.6yds average in his rookie year in New England, but his production declined sharply through the years. He's known to have a high upside and could potentially help a lot if he settled his performance issues. 

It will be interesting to see if Thompkins can grab at least a spot in the Jets' camp and potentially be fielded again in the NFL. 

Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Keystone press agency