NFL News : High priced corner comments on his future in Dallas.

High priced corner comments on his future in Dallas.


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Brandon Carr knows that there is a good chance that his days as a Dallas Cowboy may be numbered.

The highly-paid cornerback is due $9.1 million dollars this season with a ridiculous cap hit of $13.817 million. Much like the situation he faced last season, his future is murky. The team is understandably looking to replace Carr with a less expensive free agent defensive back before the start of the 2016 season. If the Cowboys were to cut Carr before June 1, they'd free up $6.38 million in salary-cap space. If they wait until June 1, they'll create $9.1 million in room.

Carr was asked about his future by Chirean Williams of the Dallas Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Wednesday, and whether he believes he will remain the team's starter on opening day.

“I do, unless you guys know something I don’t know,” Carr said. “I just prepare for whatever happens and be ready. Right now, my thought process is get my body ready, get my mind mentally ready for the grind, and just be ready for wherever action comes.”

Carr has accepted the situation that his contract has put him in, and is used to the rumors of his release swirling around him.

“In my eight years, they’ve been doing it for eight years now, so it’s nothing new,” Carr said. “It’s all part of the process. You’ve got to continue to evaluate guys and bring them in and bring good guys for competition.”

Carr refused to take a pay-cut last season, which is something he'd rather not talk about.

“You know I don’t like to talk about those things,” Carr said. “I’ll let that side, that situation handle itself outside the media. What I will tell you is that I just love being a Cowboy; I love being in Dallas and the community. I look forward to playing another year.”

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