NFL News : How Winston Churchill's advice is helping shape the Cowboys defence

How Winston Churchill's advice is helping shape the Cowboys defence

Great Britain's World War 2 Prime Minister has been a source of inspiration for generations, and this Cowboy's coach is building the team around one of his mantras.

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In a recent interview with Kristi Scales, sideline reporter for the Cowboys radio network, the Dallas Cowboys' assistant defensive line coach Leon Lett credited Winston Churchill as a major source of inspiration.

The Prime Minister of Great Britian during World War 2 was big on charm and giving inspirational speeches, almost the opposite from the modest and humble nature of Lett.

"I've got a saying on my board," Lett explained, "It's this quote from Winston Churchill: 'To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years, to destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day.' "

Lett is looking to get his young linemen to follow this advice, and uses it as the cornerstone of his coaching strategy.

"We have to build over time, starting at the bottom," he said. "The number one thing I try to start with is back-to-basic fundamentals. A lot of the guys are doing some of the stuff they did in college, and we need to break them from that. We're more of an up-the-field pressure defense. You've got some guys that came from a 3-4 base defense where they read first, but we're making the offense react to us. So that's part of it."

Lett has three Super Bowl rings from his decade of playing for Dallas, and has been on the Cowboy's coaching staff since 2011.

"Let everything go where you came from," some sage advice from the assistant coach. Lett elaborated, saying: "We're not doing it like you did at Colorado. We're not doing it like you did in Michigan. We're doing it The Cowboy Way and it starts with fundamentals. It's also about learning in the classroom and off-the-field. It's about your mindset. For me, it's the mindset of 'Football 24/7' ... even when I'm not around the game."

"All these young guys are working hard," Lett said of the young talent on his defense this season. "Taco Charlton is a really good athlete, and he's taking it all in. Joey Ivie is working hard. We've got Woody Baron who is doing a good job, Lewis Neal, too. Jordan Carrell is a very intelligent kid. I'm impressed with what they're all doing."

With a tradition of success behind him, sage words of wisdom to live by, and a promising crop of new and returning talent on the Cowboys' defense, Lett is ready to help bring another Super Bowl to Dallas.

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Source: Kristi Scales · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS