NFL News : Huge update on the status of Patriot's tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Huge update on the status of Patriot's tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Huge update on the Patriots superstar.

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The Patriots it appears received some excellent news on Tuesday. 

According to a report from ESPN National Football League insider Adam Schefter he has now been informed by a source that veteran tight end Rob Gronkowski is expected to report to training camp with his teammates on the 25th of July. The report comes off the heels of rumors that Gronkowski would consider sitting out training camp, in fact the offseason has been dominated by a number of rumors surrounding the Patriot'/s superstar tight end.

The Patriots are coming off a solid season but one that ended with a defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52, and it was immediately following that defeat that the summer of rumors started for Gronkowski and the Pats. Initially there was talk that the talented tight end was seriously contemplating retirement due to the heavy toll that years of playing hard nosed, physical, football was taking on his body. The rumors were shocking largely due to the fact that Gronkowski remains one of the NFL's truly elite players and appears to have plenty of gas left in the tank. That being said though it's unclear if the thought ever truly entered Gronkowski's mind but it now appears that those rumors were unfounded. 

That was followed by talk that Gronkowski could potentially be traded by the Patriots' organization, a move that would likely have been met with a huge dose of criticism from the Patriot's fan base in spite of their overwhelming belief in head coach Bill Belichick. Gronkowski is not just one of New England's most valuable players but he is also arguably one of the most popular figures in the entire state. His goofball and fun loving attitude have made him a fan favorite, sometimes even among the fan bases of bitter rivals, and any perceived mistreatment of him would likely not go over very well. Like the rumors of retirement it's unclear how realistic the talks of a potential trade were but if any team would be willing to trade a player like Gronkowski you can bet it would be Bill Belichick and the Patriots. 

In spite of what has been a scary offseason filled with uncertainty it looks like everything is going to work out just fine between Gronk and the Patriots... at least for now.

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