NFL News : Is this Cowboys' Star about to be suspended?

Is this Cowboys' Star about to be suspended?

NFL Insider Adam Schefter was talking fantasy football, but he dropped some insider knowledge that could have dire consequences for the Dallas Cowboys.

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ESPN Insider Adam Schefter joined John Hansen and Adam Caplan on SiriusXM Fantasy Football to talk about fantasy picks, and Schefter dropped some insider speculation that could have dire consequences for fantasy players and the Dallas Cowboys offense.

According to Schefter, there's a good chance that Ezekiel Elliott is facing a suspension from the league.

The NFL is reportedly still investigating into the alleged domestic violence charge, stemming from a domestic abuse report filed with the police by Elliott's girlfriend.

From the interview, Schefter said:

"If I were [fantasy] drafting today, i would be hesitant to [take Elliott]. Again, this is a situation that has gone back and forth so many times. I've spoken to people within the league who, during the course of the NFL season, gave me the sense that some form of discipline would happen. But then, I spoke to somebody last week and they're like, 'I don't think anything is going to happen' here.
"The decision that many people thought would come before the start of the July 4th weekend on Friday, when the NFL usually makes a lot of decisions, I was told was being pushed back. Why that's being pushed back, was it being pushed back actually, maybe it wasn't even? I was told there wasn't going to be an answer here for a little while. There was more information, there have been more meetings between Zeke's people and the League, the PA and the League, whoever.
"It's just been an ongoing issue that's had no conclusion...It's hard to say nothing's going to happen there...we just don't know."

Elliott has been under investigation by the NFL for the past 11 months regarding a pattern of alleged abuse over the span of several days in July of 2016, in which Elliott's girlfriend filed a report with police. While he was not charged, the NFL can still levy disciplinary action again him.

Elliott is one of the Cowboys' best players, and that's saying something this season. Unfortunately he is known for having some off field discipline issues, most recently he exposed a woman at a St. Patrick's Day party by pulling down her shirt on camera.

It was assumed by many that the lack of charges being pressed and the NFL's silence on the issue meant that Elliott would escape discipline by the NFL, but Schefter is a knowledgeable and well-connected insider who may very well know something the rest of us don't.

Source: SiriusXM Fantasy Sport · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS