NFL News : It's half-time between the Packers and the Rams!

It's half-time between the Packers and the Rams!

Here's what you've been missing!

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To complete their respective preseasons, the Green Bay Packers and the Los Angeles Rams are facing each other tonight at Lambeau Field. For all players, this is the last opportunity to showcase their athletic abilities; for some, their performances during this match-up will determine if they obtain, or not, a spot on their respective teams' rosters. 

Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Rams, after thirty minutes of play, they are trailing 3-14.

Their misfortunes began in the first quarter when Quarterback Brett Hundley decided to take it upon himself to give the Packers a six-point lead:

The Los Angeles Rams have been doing a valiant effort to shrink the score disparity, but Green Bay's defensive line-up has been extremely efficient at locking down their red zone, solely allowing a field goal after two quarters. 

In the last minutes of the second quarter, the situation looked like this :

The clip above certainly showcases Hundley's talent at moving the football, but it also demonstrates the Rams' defensive line-up's ability to limit an opposing formation's field progression. In fact, the above play was inches away from being a safety.

But even if that would have been the case, an additional point would not have sufficed to take the lead over the Packers because they subsequently managed to break LA's defense apart and add-on another touchdown to their score sheet:


Source: NFL · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency