NFL News : Jerry Jones addresses domestic violence claims against Ezekiel Elliott.

Jerry Jones addresses domestic violence claims against Ezekiel Elliott.


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Jerry Jones believes Ezekiel Elliott's version of the events that occurred between him and his ex-girlfriend.

A woman is accusing the Dallas Cowboys' running back of two separate incidents of domestic violence in February and again in July. 

Elliott's accuser says he pushed her into a wall during an argument over social media. The woman showed no signs of injury, and declined to visit the hospital after police were notified.

Elliott was never arrested for either incident and no criminal charges were ever filed. However, the NFL is still investigating the July incident. In theory, Elliott could be suspended up to six games for a violation of the personal conduct policy if found guilty by the league.

"I know everything, yes. There has been nothing that I don't know about that anybody has brought up," Jones said Sunday via USA TODAY's Lorenzo Reyes.

"So I'm very comfortable that I've got Zeke's full story. I'm very comfortable about that."

Jones further vouched for Elliott's character following Sunday's 35-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

"Everything, everything that I know regarding any of Zeke’s behavior makes me satisfied that we don’t have any issues,” Jones said. "And I know about all of those things."

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Source: USA Today · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press