NFL News : Jerry Jones: Elliott a victim of Rice's mistakes

Jerry Jones: Elliott a victim of Rice's mistakes

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Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones says running back Ezekiel Elliott is paying for mistakes that commissioner Roger Goodell made in dealing with the Ray Rice assault case in 2014.

Per ESPN, Jones said Tuesday that "Zeke is a victim of an overcorrection."

On Monday, Elliott lost his bid for a preliminary injunction that would have stayed the NFL's six-game suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy. As a result, he will not be on the field again until Dec. 17 against the Oakland Raiders, pending a potential appeal.

"His swing of judgment has been unbelievable from the Ray Rice thing [from] one or two games all the way up to a six-game suspension when you truly have got a debate," Jones said. "Even this judge said it shows that very reasonable people could possibly come down on both sides of this. Well, under our legal system, it has to be stronger than that for someone to have done it. Now, we all know we were not there to see it, but I do have every point of contention on both sides, and in our system in this country, Zeke would not have any issue here as to his workplace.

"With the knowledge that I have, the circumstances aren't treating him fair. Two years ago this wouldn't be an issue, before Ray Rice."

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency