NFL News : Jerry Jones finally responds to the NFL

Jerry Jones finally responds to the NFL

“I have the NFL’s best interest in mind”

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Jerry Jones went on the radio show and revealed his thoughts on his current struggle against the NFL:

“[J]ust assure that everything I’m doing, it would be madness to think that everything I’m doing isn’t in the best short- and long-term interest of the NFL,” Jones said. “I love this league and I love this game. And the men that are involved, the [Compensation] Committee and the owners, really are good men. And they’ve been in it almost as long as I have. But I’ve been knowing some of these people for going on 30 years. And they know I have the NFL’s best interest in mind. And so goes the NFL, so go the Cowboys.”

“The one great time, because we give our Commissioner such power, the one great time the owners have their biggest input is when you are either first-time hiring him or extending him,” Jones said. “And when you do it in such a way as you don’t have any input over the issues, you disenfranchised them from what you want them to do. Now, I was put there. There were things of concern. I saw it. And that’s why we’re having this conversation right now.”

Source: Pro Football Talk · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency