NFL News : Jerry Jones: I wanted to be the 'bad guy'

Jerry Jones: I wanted to be the 'bad guy'

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Jerry Jones seems like he's a complicated man. 

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys reportedly told players and coaches wednesday that his stance on the national anthem protests was rooted in a desire to play the bad guy and deflect attention from the players, according to a ESPN.

In the meeting, Jones sought to ensure players also saw the bigger picture regarding the business side of the situation, including concerns over TV ratings and sponsors, the source told ESPN.

"Some Cowboys players were frustrated by the recent comments of Jones, who took a knee and stood arm-in-arm with them before a game against the Arizona Cardinals on Sept. 25.

"One player said Jones expected the Cowboys will continue to stand during the anthem. Another said they had a better feeling for Jones' comments because at first he wondered if Jones had turned against them, according to the source.

"Jones, in the team meeting held after practice, also offered the players a chance to speak with him one on one, the source said."

Players had been told to bring their concerns about Jones' comments to the meeting. They were previously frustrated after Jones has been outspoken regarding his stance that players must "not disrespect the flag" and that they must stand for the anthem or they will be benched.

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency