NFL News : Jerry Jones 'really proud' of not pursuing Super Bowl-winner Nick Foles as a backup QB
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Jerry Jones 'really proud' of not pursuing Super Bowl-winner Nick Foles as a backup QB

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones smiled when he was asked the question by the Dallas Morning News last week. 

After watching Nick Foles lead the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl, does Jones regret not pursuing the quarterback during Dallas' 2016 training camp when he was free to sign anywhere and the Cowboys appeared to need a veteran backup quarterback?

Jones said he doesn't regret the decision to stick with Kellen Moore as the backup then at all. And the decision had much more to do with Dak Prescott than Moore.

Jones explained that the Cowboys wouldn't have been able to give Prescott many practice repetitions in training camp if they had signed Foles and that Dallas wouldn't have seen the potential of Prescott so soon.

"You wouldn't have seen Prescott yet. And we may never have seen him," Jones said. "What we were saying at the time [was] that we wanted to develop a young quarterback behind [Tony] Romo. Hopefully to develop one that could be our future."

Jones was asked during a news conference at training camp in July 2016 if Dallas had any interest in Foles. Jones quipped, "We know Foles pretty well. We like Moore."

Moore never developed for the Cowboys. He spent most of last season as Dallas' third-string quarterback on the practice squad. Now, he's giving up on his playing days to become the Cowboys' new quarterbacks coach.

Foles, meanwhile, is a Super Bowl-winning MVP quarterback.

"Had we signed him, we might have [Prescott] but we wouldn't have known what he was," Jones said. "I'm really proud of that decision. We just wanted, behind Romo, it was time for us to get into the quarterback business for the future."

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Source: Dallas News
Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency