NFL News : John Elway reveals the offer he's extended to Von Miller.

John Elway reveals the offer he's extended to Von Miller.


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The Denver Broncos and their Super Bowl MVP are in for a long negotiations process. However, that negotiation has been amicable thus far.

Although there have been recent reports that the Broncos' linebacker and the team are far apart on signing him to a new deal, GM John Elway does not seemed worried in the least. Miller did not show up for workouts this week and it seems unlikely the team will see Miller at the team's workout facility until he has a new deal in place.

Elway says the reports that the negotiations are getting messy have been blown way out of proportion.

"I think that it’s not nearly as bad as people have portrayed it being out there," he said on Thursday. " ... I know what I think of Von Miller, I know what this organization thinks of Von Miller and he’s very important to us and we’re gonna work our tail off to try to get something done with him."

Elway stated that the two sides have exchanged offers and that that s the extent of the negotiations thus far. The Broncos have temporarily turned their attention to the NFL Draft, which takes place next Thursday April 28.

The Broncos appear to want to pay Miller an average annual salary of about $18 million, the most for any defensive player aside from Dolphins defensive tackle Ndmaukong Suh. The four-time Pro Bowler wants closer to $22 million per season, a sizable gap over the length of, for instance, a five-year contract.

"You’d like to be a little bit closer, but again, that’s where you start and we’ll continue to work on it and hopefully be able to get something done," Elway said. The Broncos will have until July 15 to reach a long-term deal with Miller.

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