NFL News : Kurt Warner is delusional

Kurt Warner is delusional

He is a hall of famer

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In 1999, there was an expansion draft for the new Cleveland Browns. Kurt Warner, who had thrown 11 passes in the NFL up to that point, was left unprotected by his team. The Browns, however, took Scott Milanovich. They then drafted Tim Couch #1 overall in the entry draft.  Warner believes he could have changed the fate of the franchise if he was picked.

Milanovich never really played for Cleveland and Couch was a bust. Since then, 26 quarterbacks have started for the Browns. The Browns have been horrible forever and even though Kurt Warner is one of the best quarterbacks of all-time, I still don't know if he makes a powerhouse out of Cleveland.

"I believe had I gone there and had a chance to play, I would have helped that franchise go to places they’ve never been before. "

Ok, Kurt.

Source: Pro Football Talk Twitter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency