NFL News : Lack of a contract not spoiling this Superstar's summer

Lack of a contract not spoiling this Superstar's summer

A lot of football players spend their summers getting ready for, and worrying about, training camp and their next NFL payday. Despite STILL not getting a deal done, this star is content “just taking it day to day”.

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It's July now, which means there's just over two weeks for the Pittsburgh Steelers to extend Franchise-tagged running back Le'Veon Bell.

July 17th is the deadline to get an extension done between Bell and the Steelers, the chances of that happening being so far described as a coin flip.

That's not getting Bell down however, as he continues to rehab his surgically repaired knee this summer.

The 25-year-old running back told ESPN:

"I'm good with everything, just taking it day to day for real."

Bell does have a pretty lucrative season ahead of him regardless of whether Pittsburgh signs him to an extension. Bell will play 2017 under the franchise tag at $12.1 million, but will be eligible for free agency come next season.

At this point, Bell is the last player to neither sign an extension or his franchise-tagged tender for the upcoming season. Whenever, and wherever, Bell signs his next deal, he'll likely take over as the NFL's highest-paid running back. Buffalo's LeSean McCoy currently holds that distinction, making $8 million per year.

Bell put up 1,884 yards rushing and receiving in only 12 games across 2016. He's a keystone of the Steelers offense, and one that certainly wouldn't be easy to replace if they don't get any kind of compensation by letting Bell walk.

While fans and the Steelers' accountants fret over getting a deal done before July 17th, it's good to know it's not ruining Bell's summer.

Source: Jeremy Fowler - ESPN · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS