NFL News : Lane Johnson believes the NFLPA is responsible for his suspension.

Lane Johnson believes the NFLPA is responsible for his suspension.


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Lane Johnson continues to contend that he has done nothing wrong.

Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson spoke with reporters after practice Saturday, and still believes he will be suspended by the NFL. Johnson is facing a 10-game suspension for a second violation of the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

However, the third-year pro vehemently denies he knowingly took a substance on the NFL's banned list. In fact, he said he knows the positive drug test is the result of taking a supplement on the NFLPA's approved list.

The 26-year old does admit to purchasing an amino acid online, and it was that amino acid that tested positive for peptide, a banned substance. He said he feels let down by the NFLPA and that he's had every supplement cross-checked through the players' union.

Johnson took responsibility for a four-game ban he received in 2014 for taking a banned medication, but is appealing this latest expected suspension and is having the supplement in question tested.

He is not optimistic that he will manage to win his appeal.

"It's been a nightmare," he said.

"I had nothing to hide. I told the Eagles, 'Take everything I have that I've been taking, go test it.'"

"But they do not test the products, so if you do test positive, it's at your own fault," Johnson said.

His B sample will be tested in the upcoming weeks but it is unlikely that this sample will differ from his original. Also the results may take a while, possibly running just days ahead of the start of the regular season.

Either way the Eagles will have to start getting used to the idea of life without him.

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