NFL News : Le'Veon Bell roasts his own teammates on the radio

Le'Veon Bell roasts his own teammates on the radio

Is this good for the team?

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Le'Veon Bell called out his teammates on the radio today:

“We didn’t play good,” Bell said. “Jacksonville came out and they wanted it more than us. We didn’t start playing good football, for real, on offense, until the second half.”

Bell went on to say that right from the start of the game it was obvious that the Jaguars were the team that collectively had more energy.

“For me, when I was out there playing, I had a sense they were playing with more energy,” Bell said. “You know, it’s not necessarily the talent, it’s like, I get my first carry, they’re in the backfield and then getting up talking trash. They had more energy, you know what I’m saying.”

Bell was then asked if he knew the reason why his team lacked energy early in that game and his answer included a little finger pointing.

“I did, but you can’t control everybody, you know what I’m saying. I did, I wanted that game badly,” Bell said.

The Steelers running back was then asked to confirm that some of his teammates weren’t ready for the game against the Jaguars and he didn’t hold back while answering the question..

“Certain guys out there who was not ready to play football,” Bell stated. “Don’t get me wrong, guys woke up in the second half, but it’s like, it’s kinda too late.”

Bell was asked if that was the result of complacency, or his team just looking past the Jaguars.

“I dont know, maybe it was the bye week,” Bell said. “You know what I’m saying? I dont know. Maybe we needed to play. Last year when we were the three-seed just like the Jaguars were, we came out there beating everybody because we had that little swagger about us. I feel like guys got complacent, we had a bye week, we’re at home, we’re playing the Jaguars, it’s whatever. That’s how guys looked at it, you know. I already knew the Jaguars were good, we played them earlier in the year.”

Source: Steelers Depot · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency