NFL News : Watch: Le'Veon Bell says he 'should have chose lacrosse' over football

Watch: Le'Veon Bell says he 'should have chose lacrosse' over football

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Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell posted a series of odd videos to Snapchat Thursday in which he lamented the toll football is taking on his body. (Warning: Video includes strong language.)

“I ain’t going to lie to ya’ll, I’m tied as hell. They’ve been running me into the ground in practice,” Bell said. “Bro, I’ll tell ya, every damn rep. Well, not every rep. [James Conner] been giving me a couple breathers here and there, but goddamn, bro. And Thursday’s the worst day of practice.

“I’ve been thinking, why I sign up for this football, man? Why I sign up for this football? I should have chose lacrosse, tennis. This too much on my body, bro.” 

Bell also overlaid the video with a “lol I’m retiring after this year” caption. 

Per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "That seems unlikely, given his status as the highest paid running back in the NFL. Rather, he’s probably just having some fun with his many social media followers here. After all, who among us hasn’t quipped about our life choices after a tough week at work?"

Still, it’s likely to reinforce concerns that the Steelers offense is a little too dependent on the 25-year-old, who is on pace to record the 12th most carries in a season in NFL history. 

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