NFL News : Legendary Rams player has harsh words for the team

Legendary Rams player has harsh words for the team

Coming from one of the greatest, this has to hurt.

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The Rams are set to play their first regular season game in Los Angeles since December 21 1994. What should have been an exciting moments for the fan was already tarnished though with the team's horrible game in San Francisco on week 1.

Former Rams legend Eric Dickerson was harsh toward the team when he commented on Los Angeles Monday night's performance, calling it "an embarassment".


"The city is happy. You know, the one thing about Los Angeles is you got to win," the Hall of Fame running back said. "That's the No. 1 thing -- you've got to win in that city. And what they showed Monday night was an embarrassment. As a football team, they got to pick themselves up for the Seattle Seahawks and kind of get it back together."

The former 2000-yard rusher has said multiple times the fans will have to arm themselves with patience, and he never seemed so right.

"I've been saying from Day 1 to the fans, 'Be patient, this is a young football team,'" Dickerson said. "But you can't live by that. They've been saying that for the last four, five years ... but hey, you've got to keep some veterans on the team. You've got to have some leaders on that team, some veterans."

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