NFL News : Look: James Harrison posts Instagram pic about lack of playing time

Look: James Harrison posts Instagram pic about lack of playing time

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It's no secret that veteran Steelers linebacker James Harrison hasn't been getting too much game action with the emergence of rookie T.J. Watt and youngster Anthony Chickillo.

Wednesday night Harrison posted on Instagram a picture of him sitting on his helmet. The caption read "Getting practice at what I do at the games.???"

Harrison has played three snaps over the last two weeks, all coming in Sunday’s loss to the Chicago Bears. Even with injuries that have hit the group, Harrison has almost entirely been left on the sidelines.

Mike Tomlin was asked about Harrison’s role, or lack thereof, yesterday. He said the outside linebackers generally did their job, meaning there was no compelling reason to play Harrison.

“I don’t know if it was specifically the outside linebacker position that was viewed as an issue in that game. And James speaks to the outside linebacker position. Largely, we gotta do a better job of minimizing the run. I’m not singling out any position and I think a discussion about his participation or his non-participation does that.”

You can't fault the man for having some humor about it. Let's hope Harrison gets a few more snaps this week and going forward. After all, the 39-year-old is as Steelers Nation as it gets. 

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Source: Instagram · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency