NFL News : Man impersonates Chad Johnson, tries to buy tons of stuff

Man impersonates Chad Johnson, tries to buy tons of stuff

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A man tried to impersonate former NFL superstar Chad Johnson in Aspen, Colorado, in an attempt to buy $18,000 worth of merchandise from Louis Vuitton.

Per the Denver Post, "Mervin Cabe of Miami told employees at the high-end luxury goods store that he was Chad Johnson — who is formerly known as Chad Ochocinco — in order to be able to make the purchase. Customers at Louis Vuitton must have a “profile ID” in order for their transactions to go through, according to an affidavit filed in Pitkin County District Court."

"Cabe could not come up with the matching phone number to Chad Johnson’s profile ID, though an employee did allow him to purchase $18,548 worth of items. Cabe initially tried to use a credit card that was twice declined to make the purchase, then pulled up an Apple Pay account on his cellphone, which worked, the affidavit states."

"Cabe was charged with identity theft and unauthorized use of a financial transaction device, both felonies," continued the Post. 

Incredibly, Johnson took to Twitter expressing a desire to bail the man out. 

Johnson, the former showman wide receiver, caught 766 passes for 11,059 yards and 67 touchdowns over 12 NFL seasons.

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Source: Denver Post · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency