NFL News : Mark Sanchez says 'Nothing more important in my life' than winning Broncos' QB job.

Mark Sanchez says 'Nothing more important in my life' than winning Broncos' QB job.


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Mark Sanchez has yet to find out who he'll be battling it out with for the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback job, but it appears he's intent on beating out whomever the club acquires to challenge him.

"Coming to the Denver Broncos, this is a gift-wrapped opportunity. I believe in fate and destiny," Sanchez said, according to Troy Renck of the Denver Post. "There's no excuse. I need to take full advantage. There's nothing more important in my life than this."

Sanchez was acquired in a trade in March when Brock Osweiler defected to the Houston Texans during free agency. The team has made it clear they'd be happy with him as their starter, but have been active in their search for other options.

A trade for the San Francisco 49ers' disgruntled passer Colin Kaepernick was thought to be the team's next move, but the deal is believed to be stalled over Kapernick's unwillingness to agree to the Broncos' proposed pay cut.

The Broncos could also look to acquire another veteran signal-caller, and are likely to add a young passer in the upcoming draft.

However, regardless of the competition, Sanchez is set on taking the reigns of the Super Bowl-winning Broncos, which will likely provide him with his best - and possibly last - chance at being a starter in the NFL and leading a team to a championship.

"I don't care who's there. They are going to give me a fair shake. And if it's a fair shot, I will bet on myself," Sanchez said. "I will compete my butt off and be friendly and professional with whoever's there. But I want this so bad. Since I was a little kid, I have been dreaming about a chance to win a Super Bowl."

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