NFL News : Mean Joe Greene to diva Steelers: 'Cut out the B.S.'

Mean Joe Greene to diva Steelers: 'Cut out the B.S.'

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A Pittsburgh Steelers legend thinks certain members of the current team need to stop thinking about themselves. 

You don't say. 

Mean Joe Greene, who won four Super Bowls as a player in the 1970s and two more when he worked in the front office, colorfully said the he would like to see the distractions eliminated, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Greene was asked a question about the Steelers defense. He didn’t answer that question specifically, but he wasn’t shy about giving his opinion on what the entire team has to do to win this year’s Super Bowl.

“Cut out the bull[crap],” Greene said following a ceremony for the Steelers’ inaugural class of their Hall of Honor. “Be serious because it’s about the team. It’s not about individuals. It’s about team. I’m not specifically talking about the defense. I’m talking about everybody who contributes.

“We have a fantastic quarterback who in my view can do things no one else in the league can do. He can make the passes just like anyone else, or better. But none of them can stand in the pocket and take the heat that he takes and make the plays. He has the heart to play, but he has to believe in his team… that they feel the way he feels.

“Football is a hard game, very tough, and you have to love it. If you don’t, you can’t give your very best and you can’t play. You have to love it. A good example of the grit about the Steelers is the run that Jerome [Bettis] made against Chicago [in 2005]. Every fiber of his body says Pittsburgh Steelers. If we do that no one can stand in our way. But you have to believe in one another, not individuals.”

The run Greene referenced was a regular-season game against Chicago late in the 2005 season. The Steelers had to win their final four games of the season to qualify for the playoffs, and Bettis ran over Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher to score a touchdown in the Steelers’ 21-9 victory.

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