NFL News : Michael Floyd releases statement on wild night of kombucha

Michael Floyd releases statement on wild night of kombucha

Apparently Lindsay Lohan once used the exact same excuse (seriously)

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Michael Floyd has released a statement clarifying what happened the night of his failed alcohol tests amid speculation he could be heading back to jail.

Per Adam Schefter, the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Floyd released this statement: 

Likely the most significant part of this statement was this: "Michael watched movies at his place of residence until 3:00 a.m. During that time, he drank several bottles of kombucha tea drinks."

Do you believe Floyd? It certainly seems fishy.

What is kombucha, you ask? Many of you may know of this drink, but prior to learning of this news, this writer did not. In fact, a quick search in Google was necessary before this VICE piece called "I tried to get drunk on kombucha" aided in understanding. 

Writer Jules Suzdaltsev wrote that the most popular brand of kombucha was pulled from Whole Foods shelves for apparently surpassing the 0.5 percent ABV that would technically place it alongside nonalcoholic beer, a classification that is based on the Volstead Act, the legislation that supported Prohibition. 

And in a story quite similar to Floyd's, actress Lindsay Lohan— who was on probation and was mandated to stay sober—said kombucha was the reason her alcohol test came back positive. 

"If it worked for Lindsay (allegedly), then I thought it might work for me," wrote Suzdaltsev before he embarked on drinking nearly a gallon of kombucha.

"When I popped the swing top first and took my first whiff, I realized I'd have to use a thesaurus to find enough synonyms for 'rank' and 'foul.' Truly disgusting stuff... I took a few swigs and decided that it tasted exactly like what it was: old, moldy tea with artificial flavoring," wrote Suzdaltsev.

After drinking about 80 ounces of kombucha, the writer concluded "while I wasn't drunk, I was definitely going to puke."

"So, final verdict on drinking almost a gallon of noxious fermented tea just to break a blood alcohol level of 0.01? I wouldn't recommend it," he added.

So, onto Michael Floyd. His statement read that his blood-alcohol levels came back at 0.55, 0.45 and 0.44. In Arizona, where Floyd was arrested, the legal BAC is 0.08. 

He now faces a court date on June 26th, which could lead to jail time. 

A rep for the Scottsdale City Court confirmed to TMZ that Floyd's alcohol monitoring system flagged five events during June 11th and 12th. At least three of the events were described as "high alcohol tests."

"We are aware of the situation involving Michael Floyd and are looking into the matter," the Vikings said in a statement. "We are still gathering facts and will withhold any further comment at this time."

Floyd previously asked the court to remove his alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet because it would hinder him from playing football. The judge granted the request but ordered Floyd to undergo random breath tests.

Floyd was arrested in Scottsdale in December when he was found asleep at the wheel of his vehicle. He had a blood-alcohol level of .217 when he was arrested and was sentenced on Feb. 17 to 24 days in jail and 96 days under house arrest.

After the arrest, Floyd finished the 2016 season with the New England Patriots, then signed a one-year, $1.41 million deal with the Vikings on May 10.


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Source: Adam Schefter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency