NFL News : Michael Irvin: 'Cowboys would be stupid to let [Dez] go'

Michael Irvin: 'Cowboys would be stupid to let [Dez] go'

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Michael Irvin said Monday morning on the Dan Patrick show that the Dallas Cowboys would "be stupid to let that boy go," referring to Dez Bryant. 

Irvin argued that in today's NFL it's very difficult for franchises to get their hands on a number one receiver. 

"And where you gonna find that if you let Dez go?" Irvin argued. 

Patrick replied that Dez is simply too expensive at his current production rate for the Cowboys to continue relying on him in their number one wide receiver slot. 

"But you've seen Dez put up 16 touchdowns in a season," retorted Irvin. "And it's just Dak's second year. Dez has to bring Dak along... Tony Romo was different than Dak. Tony knew just how a team's personality went - Tony would sometimes throw off a read and get the ball to Dez just to get him the ball so the team could have positivity."

Irvin doesn't believe it's the time for a big rebuild in Arlington. Rather, he thinks as the team heads into Dak Prescott's third year as a professional, they need to give it everything they have one more time. 

"It was a tough year," added Irvin, referring to 2017. "I say let's re-load, shoot our shot and see how things go."

And, remember folks: there will (we think) be no six-game suspension next year for arguably the league's best running back. Don't sleep on the 'Boys in 2018.

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Source: Dan Patrick Show · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency