NFL News : Mike McCarthy suggests another Packer should lose some weight.

Mike McCarthy suggests another Packer should lose some weight.


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It appears the Packers' weight loss issues with Eddie Lacy are just the beginning.

Green Bay Packers' head coach Mike McCarthy spoke at the NFL Combine on Thursday, and suggested that tight end Richard Rodgers

"He doesn’t need to lose 20 lbs. That’s definitely not the case," said McCarthy. "We have an outstanding support group. I’m talking about the strength and conditioning, our nutrition, it has done a phenomenal job with our players and obviously the training room’s a part of that. So the body composition, all those things are part of the job responsibility of our players, is part of the part of the evaluation process. Richard and all the players, your’e always looking at those types of things, but I’m not going to get into any player’s specific weight."

With the Packers officially listing Rodgers as 257 lbs. on his 6' 4" frame, there is some speculation he is bigger than the Packers are willing to reveal. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Rodgers was around 272 lbs at the time of his remarkable game-winning Hail Mary touchdown reception in Detroit.

While his hands can't be questioned, there is a consensus that Rodgers could stand to gain more yards after the catch.

"Obviously you always look for jumps from Year 1 to 2," said McCarthy. "I thought Richard did a lot of good things. I think he’ll learn a lot, particularly from this past year. Frankly, we learn more about all our players as we grind through the scheme evaluation. We’ve actually as an offensive staff just completed the run game on Monday and with that you take away things that we could maybe teach better, look at how we’re training some things, and Richard and a number of our younger players I feel confident will benefit from that."

All in all McCarthy isn't to worried about Rodgers' ability to get in game shape, and feels he will learn from his experiences in 2015.

"Attacking the middle of the field is huge," said McCarthy, "and the tight ends obviously give you that versatility and particularly if you have a tight end that’s a three-down player, and then can really also be an on-the-line player. We really haven’t had an on-the-line tight end since probably Bubba Franks in my time here. We’ve gone more to the move, more athletic tight end. So attacking the middle of the field from the tight end position is definitely a priority if you want to be a good passing team."

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