NFL News : Must See: Patriots owner, Gucci Mane rap and dance onstage

Must See: Patriots owner, Gucci Mane rap and dance onstage

Only sports can close the dichotomy between billionaire owner, murder rapper

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Over the past week we've all been welcoming a steady stream of video and photo snippets from the New England Patriot's epic ring party. (See Tom Brady's fist full of rings, etc.)

Now video has emerged thanks to SB Nation and Patriots defensive lineman Vincent Valentine Jr. from that wild night. 

In the video, rapper Gucci Mane begins his set being greeted by billionaire Pats owner, Bob Kraft. Afterwords the two remain on stage while Gucci busts out fan favorites tracks.

There's nothing quite like a Jewish, Harvard-educated billionaire owner sharing the stage with a legendary Atlanta rapper who actually killed a man once. That's the magic of sports, folks. 

The Patriots unveiled their 283-diamond rings (that's right: 28-3) on Friday at Kraft's house. They were there to celebrate the team's SB LI victory over the Atlanta Falcons, in which the team overcame a 25-point deficit to win in overtime. 

Valentine Jr. also managed to snag a pic with Gucci Mane:

Even Bill Belichick got in the action, showing off his seven Super Bowl rings and three AFC Championship rings. 

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Source: SB Nation · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency