NFL News : Myles Garrett, 1st overall pick, self-reported his own concussion

Myles Garrett, 1st overall pick, self-reported his own concussion

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Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has no regrets about self-reporting the concussion that kept him out of Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings in London. He doesn’t care if the injury caused fans or media members to question his toughness.

“It doesn’t really bother me what other people say, whether I’m ‘being a man’ or not,” Garrett said in a news conference with local media Tuesday. “I’ll play through my foot, my arm, anything that’s affecting me below my neck. I can’t play around with my brain.”

Per USA Today, Garrett returned to practice Tuesday, one week after reporting the concussion to Cleveland’s training staff. The No. 1 overall pick in April’s NFL draft said that he initially hesitated to tell the team about his symptoms because he wanted to play and avoid missing his fifth game of his rookie season.

“If it had been something like I guess something physical in my body, that’s different. But you don’t want to mess with your mind,” Garrett said. “That’s something that you can’t get back. That’s something you can’t heal.”

After the game, Garrett said he ate dinner with members of his family, who noticed he was acting strange and told him to speak with the team’s training staff.

“I had a good headache. I really didn’t feel like eating,” said Garrett, who missed four games earlier this season with a high ankle sprain. “I felt kind of nauseous and I was a little bit dizzy.”

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Source: USA Today · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency