NFL News : Watch: National pundit rips Dez Bryant for anthem comments

Watch: National pundit rips Dez Bryant for anthem comments

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FS1's Rob Parker is evidently not a big fan of Dallas Cowboys pass-catcher Dez Bryant. 

Bryant recently made headlines when the star player was asked about the national anthem protests after a practice earlier this week. Bryant responded: "Whatever they [protesting players] got going on with that, that's them. I don't really have nothing to say about that."

Number 88 defended himself on Twitter later that night, saying he's concerned about feeding his family and that at the time of the question, he wasn't 'in a mood' to delve into the discussion. 

Parker went on FS1's Undisputed and called Bryant a "typical selfish athlete":

"This is one of those where it really cuts me from the standpoint that he comes off as your typical selfish athlete. He doesn't understand that it's not about him. It's bigger than him. When Colin Kaepernick decided to step out there with a job and a contract and all that - stop me if I'm wrong - none of his family members were killed by police officers, right? It wasn't his fight, either. Personally. Colin Kaepernick stepped out there to bring attention to an epidemic that was ridiculous and going on and somebody had to say something that we got to stop this."

"It's Dez Bryant - hello - this is for your three kids so that they don't have to live this. It ain't about feeding a family and a job - stop that. It's so - how many times do we have to hear that? Everybody has to work. Everybody has a family ... How do you make change? You got to be willing to fight for it. It's not going to happen because you're so selfish, you're going to stand up there and derail the whole movement by talking about your damn job and feeding your damn family. It ain't right. And it does a disservice to what Colin Kaepernick was willing to do where he had nothing invested personally in it other than doing what's right. The worst people in the world are the people who refuse to say something when things are wrong. Those are the worst people in the world. And that's what I look at when I look at Dez Bryant."

Source: Dallas News · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency