NFL News : New details emerge regarding Le'Veon Bell's suspension.

New details emerge regarding Le'Veon Bell's suspension.


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Nobody seems to have any idea what is going to happen when Le'Veon Bell appeals his suspension, or when that appeal will happen.

According to Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh Steelers were supposed to know the fate of their star running back before the team's preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday. Unfortunately the NFL's decision on Bell did not come, as Bell has yet to schedule his appeal hearing. Bell is set to appeal the four-game suspension he was handed for a missed drug test in March and is hopeful that the suspension will be reduced. However the league has yet to respond to Bell regarding the matter, which is why he hasn't scheduled the appeal.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin stated in July that 24-year old's appeal would be heard in the second week of August. That time has now come and gone, leaving the Steelers in the dark regarding one of their most valuable offensive weapons.

The Steelers now have no idea whether Bell will be eligible to take the field for the team's first regular season game against the Washington Redskins.

Bell is looking to bounce back from a serious knee injury he suffered midway through the 2015 season. Bell tore his MCL, which is considered a more serious injury to rehab than a torn ACL. Luckily for him, he has had a strong training camp and hopes to get back to the form that made him the AFC's top-rusher in 2014.

When he will be able to showcase his healthy knee has now become the issue.

If Bell is not eligible to return for the start of the regular season, the team will designate DeAngelo Williams as the team's starting back. Williams played 10 games in Bell's absence in 2015 and performed admirably for the Steelers.

Still it would seem likely the team would like to have their answer on Bell's status prior to the start of the season. This begs the question, what is taking the NFL so long to contact Bell?

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