NFL News : New study show Dallas Cowboys fans are one of a kind!

New study show Dallas Cowboys fans are one of a kind!

Thanks for confirming that we are absolutely awesome!

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Congratulations, Dallas Cowboys' fans!

A brand new study from Emory University shows that the Cowboys have the best fans in the NFL. America's Team definitely deserves its nickname! The New England Patriots are ranked second, while the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers complete the top-5.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the study "tracks NFL fanbases via multiple means: social engagement, home and road attendance, gear purchase and so on. Basically, the more you show you love your team, in good times and in bad, the more juice you give your team."

On the website of Emory University, we can read that the ranking consists of three criteria: fan equity (home revenues relative to expected revenue based on team performance and market characteristics), social media equity (which focuses on how many fans a team has online) and road equity (how a team draws on the road).

It is needless to say the Cowboys excel in all categories, thanks to the performances of players like Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott or Jason Witten. The only other accomplishment we need for now? A Super Bowl win.

Source: Yahoo Sports · Photo Credit: Keystone Press