NFL News : NFL coach has strong words for first round pick

NFL coach has strong words for first round pick

Will he be able to showcase his talent?

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It was the Pro Football Hall of Fame game yesterday night, and for the occasion the Arizona Cardinals were facing the Dallas Cowboys; an honor bestowed upon Jerry Jones, who will be inducted into the HoF this coming Saturday. 

It was the first time live NFL football was being played since February 1st, 2017. An opportunity that the Cowboys did not waste, taking the victory over the Cardinals by a score of 20-18.

For the occasion, both teams had decided to sit their starters, a very popular tactic for organizations during the first weeks of preseason. It offers the rookies a great chance to showcase their talent, while also giving your main roster a chance to stay healthy prior to the season's inauguration. 

Unfortunately for DE Taco Charlton, first round pick of America's team during the last NFL Entry Draft, things did not go as planned last night. 

As reported by 247 sports, "the bare minimum that's expected from the former Michigan star is quarterback pressures, hurries and general play disruptions in the opposing backfield." 

None of which the 22 year-old was capable of accomplishing yesterday against the Arizona team.

The lack-luster performance by the first-rounder quickly gained the attention of defensive coach Rod Marinelli, who did not restrain himself when criticizing the young players night: "[It] wasn't good enough. I need to look at the tape. But wasn't good enough."

In Charlton's defense, the defensive end only got to play 15 or 16 plays, which is well under what is required before defining a player as a bust. After the match, the promising player commented to the media about his coache's allegations :

“It happens. Coach is protecting me. I do what I need to do and run with it. I got a got a good burn out there. I got a chance to get my feet wet. So it was a good chance to get out there and play in an NFL game. I’m patient, Coach Marinelli has a plan for me. So I’m patient. I’m going to let everything come to me."

The Dallas Cowboys' will be visiting the Los Angeles Rams on August 12 to dispute their second preseason game. 

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Source: 247 Sports · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency